ESNcard is a membership and discount card of ESN organization. About 120.000 cards were produced in the previous academic year. Every member of our organization, exchange student, mentor can receive it. Project takes its place since 2005 year and has already got almost 2000 discounts from more than 200 cities in 37 countries.

The card gives you many benefits:

  • Culture – discounts in theatres, cinemas, concerts;
  • Sports – discounts in gyms, dance lessons, pools;
  • Nightlife – discounts in bars, pubs, clubs, cheaper/free entrances to the parties, cheaper drinks;
  • Discount in a bank for opening the free account;
  • Discounts in the networks of shops nationwide.

Every discount can be found on the official platform. After the registration you can use the ESN International  discounts : Student Universe, Hostelling International, The Economist, EuRail, Ultimate Ears, Hotels Combined and many others.

ESNcard is not only about discounts. This is a symbol of integration of those who are a part of ESN. ESNcard connects young, active, happy, interested in today’s world people who are not scared of taking the biggest challenges.

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Koordynator ESNcard UE Poznań:

Marta Ejsmont